finger on the trigger of our nuclear weapons

these people will have their finger on the trigger of our nuclear weapons if they win the election.*

michele bachmann with the corn dog

[1] michele bachmann recently said that she would close down the embassy in iran if she was elected president. there is no u.s. embassy in tehran.

[2] michele bachmann suggested many months ago that the Revolutionary battles of Lexington and Concord took place in new hampshire. those battles were fought in massachusetts in 1775.

source: [huffington post] and [washington post]

[1] rick perry said that he would appreciate the vote from those of voting age, 21 and over. the legal voting age is 18.

[2] he also refers to november 12 as election day when it’s actually november 6

source: [sfgate]

herman cain constitution

[1] herman cain doesn’t know that the president doesn’t sign amendments to the constitution.

[2] a woman spoke of a 13-year affair with the “associate christian minister”, husband and father of two.

source: [business insider]

i’m surprised i couldn’t find newt gingrich eating a corndog or three.

*fact check: it’s actually congress that decides that, but it’s a catchy first sentence, no?

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