the warriors need jeremy lin

Jeremy Lin Knicks

jeremy lin drops 25 on the New Jersey Nets last night, routinely beating all-star deron williams all around the court. why did the warriors drop him? they’ve got steph curry and monta ellis starting, with nate robinson and charles jenkins backing them up. nate robinson has provided some energy off the bench as the 6th man (10.7ppg, 4.7apg), but the jury is out if he is actually helping making the warriors any better with his questionable shot selection (41% FG and 30% 3FG). charles jenkins? he should be in the d-league for now. can he jenkins score 25 on the Nets? not this year.

since jeremy lin was raised here in palo alto, he was also a fan favorite, usually greeted with rousing cheers.

maybe it was good he got let go. maybe he can get some consistent playing time somewhere else. once again, warriors management showing their flashes of incompetence.