your 2012 nl west champion giants

2012 San Francisco Giants NL West Champs

the giants clinched the nl west today. here are the guys turning into boys jumping and cheering. it’s amazing how they came together and went 25-9 after losing melky to the drug suspension. the dodgers took on $200 million in contracts and played terrible the rest of the way. they are 11 games behind the giants as of tonight.

panda and pagan are celebrating a little close here:

Pablo Sandoval and Angel Pagan are a little close

lyss and i were so inspired by the giants performance this season, we went to the mvp batting cages in san jose and tried to rekindle past performances. we did some fast pitch softball at 45mph ¬†and 55mph, along with baseball at 55mph and 65mph. oh man – we’re going to be sore tomorrow after all the hitting and missing. mostly missing. it’s still nice to see my former irvington 1st baseman hitting the ball, especially while wearing jeans.

how does isaac hit at 75mph? how do major league players hit 90mph? unbelievable.

ed and lyss at the batting cage

the giants fans finished off with some gangnam style.

even hardcore dodgers fans are supporting the giants push to the championship by making modest monetary contributions.

steve and jake supporting the giants payroll