i hate providing health care!

papa john hates providing healthcare

you may have heard by now, but “papa” john schnatter has publicly denounced obamacare, which provides a form on mandatory employee healthcare for those companies with at least 50 employees that work 30 or more hours per week. papa john said that providing this for his employees could raise the price of a pizza by about 15-20 cents to cover that extra cost. he said he will also eliminate positions in the company as part of the plan. [examiner.com]

oh no! 11 to 14 cents for pizzas that will come out of the customers pockets and make us less competitive with other pizza chains! not for a fast-food pizza chain that had a billion dollars in revenue last year. 20 cents is a backbreaker for sure!

i know papa john has been operating with razor-thin margins over the years and he shouldn’t be penalized by having to comply with ludicrous government regulations. he might have to downgrade his 40,000 square foot house and $600 million net worth to provide health care. ridiculous!

maybe his sales will drop because of some grassroots boycotting of his fast food chain, but i think just checking a picture like this would be enough:

better ingredients, better pizza, i hate providing health care, papa johns!