the german teaser


when considering a new car, i had originally planned on getting a bmw 550i with a beastly 5-liter, 8-cylinder engine producing 330+hp. It was a step down from the 400+hp 10-cylinder M5, but still fast enough to meet my power requirements. after some thought, i got a chevy volt, since it was neat to have an electric car and to also get the green carpool stickers, which would super valuable during my daily drive to san mateo. to put things in perspective, the chevy volt has a 1.4-liter 4-cylinder engine making 84hp.

I get daily satisfaction when I cruise in the carpool lane passing all the traffic on 880 and 92 and haven’t looked back about the choice I made. but, in the last few weeks i’ve noticed a lot of 550i’s driving around. twice in the last week I come out to my car in the parking lot and there’s a 550i parked right next to me, taunting me and questioning my decision. STOP!