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the calm before the storm


the few moments of calm brotherly love before entering a lego theme park. it’s a little misty here in carlsbad bit still warm enough to sweat chasing the boys. if there ever was an approved occasion to put a leash on a boy, this is the place. it’s a nerdgasm for both children and middle-aged adult males.

tanning mom looks spectacular

note: i apologize in advance for the images below. they sort of taint the wholesome nature of the site. anyway, let’s get on to the bashing.

who doesn’t love a tanned body? i’m sure there are some hottie redheads out there, but patricia krentcil looks especially fetching. apparently she wants to to set her daughter up for similar success by bringing her to the tanning salon at age 5.


how does an old lady like that have such a young daughter? she’s actually 44 and the tanning has added 20 years to her skin.

a 617,283.95 problem for guillermo mota

guillermo mota adds to the giants woes this year. brian wilson, jeremy affeldt, aubrey huff, freddy sanchez and pablo sandoval already have done their part to make it harder for the giants to win this year. guillermo loses 617,283.95 in salary for his messin with clenbuterol. i will say that he was a pretty good value for a yearly salary of $1M.

the beginning of a successful career

i found a free little stop-motion camera app for the iphone that was developed by lego. the boys spend a lot of time watching lego stop-motion videos, so it seemed fitting that i was able to introduce them to the art of shooting videos. marcos was adamant that the movie make it on to youtube. he seemed less interested about the actual content than the fact that it would be published to youtube.

our fifth grade movie ‘paperboy’ with mr mcpherson was pretty damn good for its time. since just about every device can shoot videos, it’s only obvious that there is so much garbage on youtube.