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a slice of america

nothing says America like deep fried funnel cakes, RV demolition derby, bad tattoos, and missing teeth.

minecraft medicine

hangin with grandpa

the space shuttle fly’s by

a future in science

or maybe as a detective? or a peeping tom? paleontologist? qa engineer? burning bug technician?

the giants have pride

despite the cool weather, the daughter and I are throwing down some ice cream this filipino heritage night.

smoke gets in your eyes

me and daughter smoking it up at the ardenwood farm. the smoke was so thick and smelled so bad, it made our clothes reek.

the calm before the storm

the few moments of calm brotherly love before entering a lego theme park. it’s a little misty here in carlsbad bit still warm enough to sweat chasing the boys. if there ever was an approved occasion to put a leash on a boy, this is the place. it’s a nerdgasm for both children and […]

boeing 737 cockpit lego set

marcos put together this very fancy boeing 737-700 cockpit from the lego sets he got for his birthday.

save me from the 4 year old