kim davis is a joke

kim davis is a jokekim davis is a joke. notice how i picked a very unflattering picture of her, or maybe she is naturally unattractive? she should be serving some jail time in contempt of court.

kim davis got pregnant with her husband’s twins while married to her first husband. her second husband adopted them before she went on to her fourth husband.

the article goes on to say

it’s not really relevant and it’s something that happened in her past. her conversion to christinaity about four years ago wiped her slate clean. she was 180 degrees changed.

so being married 4 times isn’t a sin but same-sex marriage is?


a little taste of america

a little taste of americaa little taste of america right there. you can eat a jack in the box bacon potato wedges while waiting for your bail bond after getting denied. knock back a few drinks at the bar and smoke some cigarettes while getting some target practice before going postal. ask for redemption at the celebration of faith and go order a pizza and some enchiladas.


traveling with women

traveling with womentraveling with women. i mean, not my women necessarily, but just women in general. me and the boys will get an idea to go somewhere and walk out the door in 10 minutes after putting some clothes on and brushing our teeth. no sunscreen, no jackets, no hats, no water bottles, etc.


tv color commentators are useless


Most football color commentators on TV are useless. I wish I could have only the audio feed from the stadium PA to hear who just made the last play, yards gained on the play and any penalties resulting from that play.

Even parents are guilty of this. I was at a friend’s local junior high football game this weekend and the parents were shouting from the stands “Get The Ball Back!” and “Stop Them Here!” I think the team is supposed to be doing that on every defensive play, no? As if the they were not planning to stop the ball but somehow your motivational words from the sideline will remind them why they are really there.

is carlton a mormon?

who broke my window?

i remembered this video the other day. i don’t know why, but maybe it’s better that i don’t know. this commercial played a hundred times while watching afterschool cartoons growing up. now that i saw the video again, i can’t stop humming this damn music. i wonder how i can remember a lot of the lyrics to the song but then have trouble remembering the difference between cabbage and lettuce while at the grocery store.