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test from blackberry


just testing out the mobile phone posting capability of the blackberry curve – i think i’ve sorted out the technical details. pictured above are some scissors the wifey left behind on the kitchen counter within marc’s reach after cutting her bag of chips open. i just needed a total […]

yummy ben & jerry’s

topped off a visit to the car show with some cherry garcia in downtown sj this afternoon.

look at those melons!

wearing a suit to work…

for this movie we’re doing…it’s so uncomfortable, i can’t believe that people wear this contraption everyday.


good bye warm springs…hello again irvington.


the first pull-up

even 2-year-old girls go for toddler boys with muscles. he may want to hide the fact he drinks from a bottle at night still.

head first down the slide

a big improvement over a few weeks ago.

send posts and pix from my fone

i had this ability when i was using google for my blog but lost it when i switched to wordpress. anyway…expect more useless filler now that i can post from my aging treo 650 again.