98-degree links

the title somewhat inspired by vanessa minnillo’s recent dumping of ex-98 degree douchebag nick lachey and also the recent warm weather at home.

-> pho garden in san francisco is calling my name with a food challenge. it’s not on the scale as the in-n-out 100 x 100 burger, but the $22 bowl of pho can be had for free if you finish the whole thing. look at the picture of that thing – you could take a bath in there [blogspot]

-> time magazine writes about how it’s harder to love ugly babies. i’m glad that my kids are good-looking so i won’t have to worry about this. even if they were ugly, they make up for it by being able to fart loudly [time magazine]

-> this can belp some asian people with the transition to using a toilet [lillipad.co.nz]

-> if you’re wondering how to duplicate some restaurant recipies, this provides a good start to your research [wisebread]

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