thanks for the memories nellie

thanks for the memories nellie. there wasn’t a lot of winning going on but it was fun to watch the uptempo basketball growing up. Run-TMC was probably what got me into basketball in the first place. being the best basketball player at my work is a big badge of honor for me to carry around and has made me what i am today.

although, now with you out of the way, maybe dudes will want to stick around. we’ve got a good young core with monta ellis and stephen curry and andris beidrins (i’m like 50-50 on andris, depending on how he does this season). tim kawakami (i still think i went to elementary school with him in milpitas) thinks the same as me in his SJMN article below.

now you can retire in maui with your $6M for this season and get some new frickin’ shoes dude. you’re an NBA coach, get some better shoes than some Big 5 Avia’s with the uncentered tongue.

story and sentimental slideshow here [mercury news]

fb back online after 4 hours

facebook finally came back online after a 4-hour downtime. they sacked up and posted the exact technical reason why, too []

i had my most productive day at work in years, as did everyone else. some of the conference room whiteboards got broken in after a couple years collecting dust. we’ll be at $100M in revenue in no time.

giants stay in first place

thanks to this year’s all-but-certain ROY buster posey, the giants remained in first place in the NL West by a half-game.

it’s going to be an exciting next couple of weeks while these teams battle it out for the NL West crown.

NOTE: i didn’t even include the dodgers in my screenshot because they have been out of it for a while now, with no chance of success this season. they were mathematically eliminated from the playoffs yesterday with this giants win over the cubs. they will be lucky to finish at .500 considering all the stuff going on for them with lackluster pitching and hitting, a squabbling owner and his wife, joe torre ditching the team and wanting to be back in NYC, a forgettable stadium at chavez ravine, jonathan broxton’s terrible 2nd-half stats, ridiculous performance-to-payroll ratio, among other things.

NOTE 2: the giants won the season series from the dodgers this year, at 10-8.

sounds of the universe links

i have been stuck on the depeche mode’s live album, sounds of the universe, for the last few days. it’s a far cry from the older depeche stuff that lynda raised me on with more guitar and rock aspects, but it’s still sounding fantastic. i have it available for download if anyone wants it. let me know.

while listening, click on this stuff below:

-> good list of alternative selections of software that you use every day, including freeware and commercial. maybe there’s a better program than what you are using right now []

-> adding a small bar and tap like this one would be pretty high up the list of desired home improvements when we get back into homeownership [picasa]

-> detailed writeup reviewing my next camera, the eos 7d. i can’t even imagine the positive karma surrounding such a wonderful pice of equipment [dpreview]

-> balakov makes awesome pictures with star wars lego’s [balakov’s flickr]

jonathan sanchez can predict the future!

earlier in the season, jonathan sanchez said the giants could reach first place. it sounded like the kid was getting all excited being in the pennant race and was spouting out. now, it turns out what he said came true last night after the giants beat the dodgers to take sole possession of first place in the NL West.

it seems everything is happening at the right times for the giants. the offense mostly recovered from the offensive slump in august and their pitching has been lights out.

the frosting on the cake is the san francisco giants jeepney they will be handing out on filipino heritage night at att park in a week or so.

(not) a good day at the beach

attrib: lego re-enactment of sunday on the banks of the river marne by [balakov]

we all headed out to ocean beach to enjoy the last of the labor day weekend and escape the suburban heat and the noise/stuffiness of our house. it was a near-perfect 73 degrees on the sand and everyone was enjoying themselves. the daughter was working on her tan and the boys were playing with other kids in the sand, all marveling at a live crab on the sand trying to get back in the surf.

a park ranger came creeping along in a big F-250 pickup and told some nearby teens to not head out past waist-high in the water because of some rip currents that could drag them in. i flagged the ranger down near our spot on the sand and asked if he could do anything about the parking lot situation. lots of folks had parked in a red zone and it was making ingress/egress difficult for legit parkers like myself. in a polite way, he said he was tending to the beach and he can’t give it much attention. as he steps off the brake to move forward, we see mateo in front of the truck by only a foot or two, walking towards us with no idea what was happening. he was below the beltline of the truck and so the ranger did not see him as he was about to move on. we both quickly yelled for him to stop, and i scooped mateo out from the path of the truck. for a second, everyone sort of looked at each other as we all realized that we were just a moment away from a complete disaster. i traveled the whole range of emotions from complacency to intense fear to intense relief in the span of a couple seconds.

it’s something i will not soon forget. i’d like to think i’m a pretty good parent to the kids, but something like this grabs your attention and reminds you that there’s always more you could be doing.

TL;DR – mateo was almost run over by a truck yesterday.

everything i need to know about links

-> this man and my mom must know each other in some way [the onion]

-> i’m working on a project at work to put our services ‘in the cloud’ so you can work from the office or from home without any functional change in the way you work. there are other benefits too [the oatmeal]

-> my childhood buddy and neighbor phil winston is the new principal at palo alto high school. this is the same guy who had the coolest british knights shoes, biker shorts and fanny packs has done well [mercury news]

-> this would be a fun picture project to take except i don’t look anything like my dad [lmld]

-> free lessons in css, python, mysql from google engineers [google code]