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minecraft medicine

minecraft medicine

yes. it’s that hot


reading at the library


that’s weird.

breadwinner of the family


mr robinson rocks the cosby sweater


quiet in the garage


marcos was quiet in the garage for a while and then calls me outside to check out his creation.

getting ready to party


fridays in warm springs can get a little dicey.

20000 calories under the belt


yet another family gathering at black bear diner in milpitas. you can’t escape there eating less than 1500 calories.

the space shuttle fly’s by


the calm before the storm


the few moments of calm brotherly love before entering a lego theme park. it’s a little misty here in carlsbad bit still warm enough to sweat chasing the boys. if there ever was an approved occasion to put a leash on a boy, this is the place. it’s a nerdgasm for both children and middle-aged adult males.