kate beckinsale’s feet

kate beckinsale was recently photographed at some movie premiere. i don’t have a foot fetish, but i think most men would agree that, in general, your toes should at least be on the frickin shoe a little more and not hanging over the edge:

close up

that is teh fug. x

4 thoughts on “kate beckinsale’s feet”

  1. she’s really hot….but i don’t really care about her shoes. maybe she has to return it…?!!???!?!

  2. She’s really Sexy and that includes perfect feet. Oh God, How I’d Love to have her stroking me off with her bare feet!!!

  3. I would take my time sucking each one of her toes. Only to have them spread as i put my unit in between them penetrating until cumpletion. I would even lick my own juice off of her feet. Plus great soles!

  4. Getting the smallest shoes her feet can get in is intentional. She is asking for her toes to be crushed/spoilt/damaged. This is called the hanging toe syndrome. The worst and most difficult to cure foot fetish. She sure is a termiinal foot fetishist.

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