warriors are finished

i could tell by about the middle of the third quarter that the warriors were slowing down. whenever i see a couple airballed three pointers (i have lots of experience with this), it’s a sign that you’re tired and don’t have your legs under you. when utah comes at you in the post with boozer, okur, ak47, millsap and harpring, you don’t have much of a prayer. those guys are big and don’t have to run much in sloan’s slowdown halfcourt offense.

it was a great run, though, and i’m excited to see what they can do next year as long as everyone comes back.

One thought on “warriors are finished”

  1. It was a great season, all we need is an athletic 7′ Big man, who can run the floor, play D, and rebound and we’re set! But doesn’t everyone? Too bad our pick will be to high for Yin Jiang Li (if that’s how you spell it.)

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