t-minus one week

a lot of things that i’m juggling at the moment all share the same finish date – next weekend. marcos birthday party, moving some work assets out of marina del rey, and accomplishing my work bonus objectives.

my father-in-law and i pulled up our old, nasty carpet in the tv room this weekend and everything underneath it in preparation to lay down some more pergo floor to match the other areas in the house. even though we’re watching our money closely these days, this was a good opportunity because we’ll get the money back if we sell the house sometime down the road. it’s not an immediate return on investment, but there’s no way the house would ever sell with that nasty white berber carpet installed. there’s just no way a family of 4 and our sundry boarders could ever keep that white carpet clean. the pergo arrives next week and we’ll get it all in before marcos’ birthday party this weekend.

i also am trying to maximize my bonus payout, which finishes out at the end of the month. i’ve managed to get the software licensing piece under control, as well as building out a monitoring system for our office.

for the next 10 days, my armpits will most likely be advising me that i’ve taken on too much work than i can manage.

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