i do not own a pair of cuff links

here’s some light outside reading because this blog can’t possibly satisfy all your online needs:

“stack jack” was just named captain of the gs warriors [mercurynews]

woman runs over her own legs in a mcdonalds drivethru [phoenixville]

newest victim of google earth – navy’s “swastika” barracks [msnbc]

the only plastic surgery i’d get is a somnoplasty [topsocialite]

monta ellis scared approximately 400,000 male bay area w’s fans [mercury]

women before and after a few stiff gin-n-tonic’s [sonnyradio]

2 thoughts on “i do not own a pair of cuff links”

  1. how pissed off would you be if you were behind that woman in the mcdonalds drive thru who ran over both her legs. i would be standing over her cursing that she came between me and my 9-piece nuggets (w/ bbq sauce)

  2. dude…and you can’t back up out of the drive-thru line without making EVERYbody back up. what a hassle!

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