get you closer to the weekend

its been an interesting week – a little slow, but still busy. i sense some big changes coming at work. from a reduction in the lunch crew to a suspected reorganization. on a side note, i’m bringing mama hall back to the airport on thursday morning like at 5am, so i think i’m going to keep this short and sweet.

-there’s no ugly girls in the world, just poor ones [makeovers]

-if there’s any girls reading, you might consider that you have a fetish for asian men and you don’t even know it. [sfgate]

-drinking brings out the worst in people (beer goggles, toilet sleeping, public erections, etc.) [sloshspot]

-this guy was so close to finishing the marathon, nothing would stop him from crossing that finish line, not even massive diarrhea. this is not for the easily disturbed [nsfw] [mixmakers]

-awesome, comprehensive collection of photobombers – you know the types that sneak into the back of your pictures somehow. [asylum]

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