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so, when i wasn’t expecting at all, steven spilborghs of the colorado rockies punched me in the gut last night, leaving me out of breath.

the giants and rockies are (were?) in a very tight race for that NL wild card spot and the game last night was the last game in a 4-game series at mile high stadium. they had played 13 innings to a 1-1 tie and were using bench players in interesting situations. they had pitchers acting as pinch runners and injured players taking fake warm-up swings to alter the balance of the game. also on clear display was the usual giants ineptitude at closing games out (they led in each game this series, yet let the rockies come back and beat them in 3 of them). the giants score 3 runs in the top of the 14th to supposedly seal the game, but then give up 5 on a walk-off grand-slam to end it.

EDIT: some good post-game notes here [mercury news]

baseball season is officially over for me, and the giants. time to start working on that fantasy football draft coming up this weekend. GO NINERS!

here are some stories to pull you out of the deep funk that is giants baseball:

-> a palindrome is a word that is spelled the same backwards and forwards, like racecar. imagine a 224-word palindrome poem [neatorama]

-> think your neighbors are stealing your wireless internet at home or work? you can modify your router to do some nifty stuff to your freeloaders. skip the techy part in the beginning if you don’t care about it – the pictures at the bottom are good []

-> article on san francisco – there’s still a chance of moving up there to take advantage of better mass transit if i am not going to be driving. the 1,000+ comments are funny to read through also [stuffwhitepeoplelike]

-> the other article i read mentioning san francisco was a reddit posting asking foreigners what US cities they romanticize about. it’s good reading if you’re interested to see how the rest of the world views us. for example, i see british people as depressed and pale (like Morrissey) and i see french people as aloof, but very well-rested (like the people i work with. kidding. kinda) [reddit]


-> shit my dad says (and your dad too) []

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