congrats to mully

congratulations to warriors legend chris mullin who was voted into the nba hall of fame today. what about his 1989-1990 stats?

53% FG, 89% FT, 25.1 PPG, 5.9 RPG

in 1992-1993, he shot 45% from the 3-pt line. brandon jennings (sadly on my 6th-place fantasy basketball team this year) shoots 38% from the FLOOR.

too bad mully didn’t do so well at being a GM:

2004: drafted andris biedrins and passed on al jefferson, josh smith & kevin martin.

2005: drafted ike diogu and passed on andrew bynum, danny granger & david lee. he did draft monta ellis that year, but i think he just got lucky.

2006: drafted patrick o’bryant and passwd on rajon rondo & paul millsap.

2007: drafted brandan wright and passwd on joakim noah, al thornton & carl landry

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