steven patrick morrissey – POSTPONED

"Morrissey Young"

update: the morrissey show was postponed today because the drummer “suffered an eye injury”, which is code for steve recovering from getting hammered in the castro last night. details to follow

i’m getting to see morrissey play at the fox theater tonight with [frances]. the morrissey above is what i’m familiar with from his music videos.

but this is what i’m going to see tonight at oakland’s fox theatre.

One thought on “steven patrick morrissey – POSTPONED”

  1. Hahahaha! I’ve just read this post of yours – OH MY!!! – you remind me of my son, how old are you darling?! What the heck? Is he gonna be ‘forever young’ or else like a super-hero?
    Stills Morrissey, and he’s awsome. No matter how old we get…just enjoy the moment. Times goes fast, and never gets back.
    Wishing ya well :)

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